Web Design Errors.

What are some of the common errors in design? Pick one of the sites and describe what you might change if you were given the job of designing a new website for them.

Today our criticized victim is Suzanne Collins.
Poor thing so rich yet so dumb, she put so much intelligence into the books she forgot to put effort into finding someone good enough on designing a well deserved website for her work. She has by far the best stories ever "The Hunter Games" this work also made her beyond famous and she is one of the most loved writers of all times.
Leaving aside her works and all glories that applies to such, let's point the problems shown on the website that belongs to her.
- You need to Zoom-in to see images and also read things.
- Her title definitely don't match.
-Need more contrast to page and works.

If I were to redesign it all and spend time on doing i, for sure I would change colors and also make it interesting to everyone…

Government access? HELL NO!

WOW Gov. Chill out bro! Let me tell you something. If you think you can gain access to my phone real quick... you are right, but not legally. So let me clear this out, the government can do anything they want, because they are powerful enough and they can have anyone work for them, but the thing is... If all this process becomes public they would lose credibility and they would get crapped on. So they have to hand $1M to someone to do the job "legally" so they don't get their hands dirty. GREAT JOB GOV.!

Myself in the internet.

What did your find out online about yourself or your family? Did anything surprise you?

Honestly, cut the crap Google.
Come on they know more about me than I know about my own self. Literally Google is a snitch and can't keep secrets. Like why are people able to look for my records and specially where I live at any moment if they feel like so.
I could find information like taxes my parents pay or where they lived, even information of relatives and stuff related. Honestly who cares about how much I make a year? Not even I knew it! This is like 1984 but instead of the Government watching it's the freaking internet. 


What would happen if the internet on the U.S. was turned off?
Let's create a scenario and say the internet went down on the united states for a few hours or days. Well, then a huge problem would emerge by having a majority of companies close down for days or some hours for not having internet. 
     Not forgetting about the banks and ATM's that would not work because the internet would be down. So we could call this a small crash to the economy. Transactions will not be made and a lot of people would not be able to purchase medication or food because we would ran out of cash quickly.